If The Shoe Fits You Must Squeeze Her Tits

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Some girls have a "fuck-me" face regardless of their sex drives, sexual behavior and personality. Angelica Raven has that face. Angelica (first known as "Busty Becky" when she debuted at SCORE) goes to a shoe store and winds up getting fucked by the manager in his private office/fuck palace. Is this why guys open shoe and bra stores? Makes sense. An endless supply of women parade in and out of these shops and let total strangers, who are most likely foot perverts, touch their feet. It's easy pickings. "I usually make the first move," Angelica said in an interview. "I know, within five minutes of meeting a guy, whether or not I'll sleep with him; all I need to know is whether or not he wants me. If he does, I prefer to skip the bullshit and just go after what I want, although, I won't lie, I do enjoy teasing him for a little while beforehand. Half of the fun is in delaying the pleasure until the absolute breaking point. I find sex is much more rough and passionate that way. Just how I like it! Being nailed really hard, really fast, and really deep! I love rough sex and bondage, so the combination just drives me wild and makes me cum harder than anything you could ever imagine!" The more we talked, the hotter Angelica talked, proving that all girls have a wild side, at least at some point in their lives, and that girls who get into porn have sex drives much higher than the average girl. That's what leads them into making porn in the first place. Treating them like princesses doesn't bring out their real heat. They'd rather fuck the rough stable-hand than the prince. They just won't say it. "I love bondage! I love being dominated with a little light S&M, but I also love to dominate! I just have a tendency to get a little too rough when I'm in charge and most people are scared by that so I usually end up being the submissive one. Not that I'm complaining! I love being spanked. I love the occasional forced deep throat. I love talking dirty and being talked dirty to because I love the mental images combined with whatever I'm feeling at the moment." Angelica dropped out of sight in 2004 and resurfaced in 2007, trimmer and slimmer than she was at SCORE but wilder than ever. Since then, Angelica's been in and out of porn.