Dee Dee Does Dick

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Dee Dee Deluxx first posed for SCORE in 1998 as Chrissy Maxxx. Then she changed her name to Malibu Slick. Her first official SCORE movie was Tit Attack. In this scene, Anthony gives Dee Dee's tight pussy a hard fucking, bangs her tits and fills her mouth. Dee Dee's tits can engulf the biggest trouser-snakes so fucking those giant juggs and jizzing them is no simple feat. Not one to back off a challenge, Tony douses her enormous tits with his nut-milk before leaving her to go fuck another woman. Enjoy seeing mega-boobed strippers with cocks drilling deep in their cunts? Dee Dee is for you. "I've made an art form out of titty-fucking. I love being titty-fucked," says Dee Dee. Her breast fetish is powerful. But not the breasts of women, just her own mammoth pair. "I'm into cock and ball worship. I'll fill my mouth with balls like a guy sucks on a nipple. I'm not into girls, although everyone wishes I were." Dee Dee says she's sexually passive but she looks assertive to us.