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McKenzie Lee, a 44-year-old divorcee and mom, is enjoying a quiet afternoon at home, sitting on her couch and reading, when she hears a knock on the door. She'd rather not be bothered, but when she opens the door, she sees two men standing there and invites them in. "We're here to do some community service," one of them says, "and we were wondering if you needed our assistance." "You know what?" she says. "I think there's something you guys can help me with." She leads them to the couch and asks them to help her with her stress. "Are you guys down?" she asks. No need to ask that question. They're down and their dicks are up for this slim 'n' sexy brunette with big, fake tits. She's going to perform community service on their cocks and they're going to perform community service on her pussy. For the rest of the afternoon, there's almost always one cock in McKenzie's cunt and another in her mouth, and if it's not in her mouth, it's in her hands. The dudes complete their community service by shooting their loads on her rack, and we bet the next house they go to isn't going to be nearly as much fun. After all, not many women look like McKenzie...or fuck like her.