Big-titted MILF Kat fucks a guy whos 34 years younger than her

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Among the many big differences between men and women: When we cum, we're done for a while. We want to take a nap or watch the game. We're through! But when women cum, their reserves are not exhausted. They can cum over and over and over again, and even if they've just had an explosive orgasm or two or three or four, if there's hard cock around, they're ready for it. As an example, here's Kat, a 56-year-old wife and mom who grew up in Kansas and now lives in Texas. She's been playing with her big tits and rubbing one out for the past several minutes or so, having a good ol' time, when she looks over and sees her son's best friend standing by the sliding glass door with his hand stuffed down his pants. "Berry, is that you? What are you doing here?" she says. "Nothing," he says, lying through his teeth. "I was looking for your son." Her son's not there. She tells him to come over, takes his cock out of his pants and sucks it. Surprise! Berry is 34 years younger than Kat, and that's fine by her. "I have sex with younger men all the time," she told us. And now she's going to do it again...because even though she just made herself cum several times, she knows there's nothing like the real thing. And if her husband comes home early? She'll fuck him, too. 50Plus MILFs: What is sexy to you? Kat: Being yourself. Nothing fake. 50Plus MILFs: What gets you off? Kat: Seeing my partner sexually happy and satisfied. 50Plus MILFs: Are you a swinger? Kat: Yes. I've been in the lifestyle for 25 years. 50Plus MILFs: Wildest experience? Kat: Honey, I've had too many to just name one!