Deliveries In The Rear

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In Spanish, "Nova" means "no go," but that translation doesn't apply to our bosomy buddy Terry Nova. Back in Prague, Terry's on the go all the time, offering her huge tits to the boob-lovers. She speaks only Czech, almost no English, but Miss Nova doesn't really need to. All you need to do is point to your groin and put your finger in her mouth to get your message across. In this SCORE Video, Terry shows up when our horny hero needs stress busting and an erotic release from his pent-up frustrations. Leave it to Terry! She knows exactly what breast-men love. To really make his day, Terry even opens her asshole to his thrusting timber. He puts her through a tough workout, ramming, jamming and cramming her butt good while Terry urges him to drizzle her giant hangers. It's a done deal as only Terry Nova can pull off.