Show-stopping Super-Naturals of the World Kira Liv

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Since SCORELAND began, we've searched for beauties with big, natural breasts who challenge the bra-makers of the world and, in general, make the world a better place to live in when they decide to become models. Making her presence known all over the web, Kira Liv is a super-natural of the big-bust world. If we could rub Aladdin's lamp and ask the genie for spectacular women to photograph, Kira would be one of them. Born in Ukraine and living in Germany, Kira lists golf and traveling as a few of her interests. One of her personal goals is to take a world trip and visit other countries. She works out three to four times a week and always wears a bra. Kira begins this scene wearing a body-clinging, low-cut pink dress and stockings. She slips off her dress to reveal her green bustier that barely contains her enormous boobs. Her incredible breast play, which includes self-sucking, begins even before she takes off the bustier.