The Name is Melons. Melony Melons

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"I was dating a male pornstar and mentioned I wanted to start doing professional shoots," said Melony Melons. "He suggested I message an editor at SCORE, Elliot James, on Twitter, which I did. He gave me the contact info of the studio person I needed to reach out to so I could join their model search. I had some industry pics taken and sent them. I received an email the following day and the rest is history. "I've been a real estate agent, owned food trucks, worked for a California state assemblyman, and I was a nude dancer for eighteen years. I love sex and have gone to swing clubs many times, but I'm not necessarily a swinger. "Some days I masturbate just to get that release, so it's quick, but on other days when I have more time, I masturbate while imagining that I'm a high school senior cheerleader who has gone to a party after the game, fucked a few boys and my stepdad inspects my pussy when I get home. He eats my pussy until I come then bends me over and really gives it to me. I've never revealed that to anyone before."