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Victoria Nova, who's 52 years old and from France, is one of the hottest women we've ever seen. She has blond hair, a beautiful face and big, fake tits with pointy nipples. She also has long legs that are covered with stockings in this scene. And she's wearing high heels. After she gets naked, she fucks her tight pussy with a big toy and enjoys every thrust. You'll definitely enjoy watching her. We found Victoria on Twitter, which proves social media is good for something. Actually, finding sexy women who want to show off their bodies for our viewing pleasure might be the only good thing about social media. But let's not get into that. Let's get to know this divorcee and mom and think about getting into her. 50Plus MILFs: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here? Victoria: Some of them wouldn't. The people who know me well. Some of them would. Most of my family. 50Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate? Victoria: Yes, especially with fingers, although I enjoyed the toy you gave me. I love squirting, too. 50Plus MILFs: How often do you have sex? Victoria: Several times a day. As often as I can. 50Plus MILFs: What's your sexual fantasy? Victoria: To be in a gangbang. 50Plus MILFs: Do you like to be watched while you're having sex? Victoria: Yes, because the excitement of others excites me.