60something big-titted MILF Wendy Leigh fucks her step-son

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On a normal, average morning in suburbia, 60-year-old British MILF Wendy Leigh is tidying up in the kitchen when someone comes up from behind and grabs her ass. She thinks it's her husband. It isn't. "Oh, it's you," she says, turning around. "What are you doing?" "Nothing," he says. "Did you just touch my bottom?" Obviously, he did. But who is he? "I'm your step-mom," she says. "That's very naughty." But what Wendy is about to do is even naughtier. She's going to get down on her knees and suck her step-son's cock. Then she's going to fuck him. Looks like this isn't a normal, average morning in suburbia, is it? It becomes even less so when Wendy's step-son cums in her pussy. We asked Wendy if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here. "No," she said. "My family and friends know what I do." They know she fucks her step-son? Okay!