Aly Guzman Sofia Santana Tit Chat

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Aly Guzman and Sofia Santana take a break from shooting to spend some time chatting with the SCORE studio stylist. English captions were added since the entire chat is in Spanish. First, the girls in swimsuits chat at poolside and have a beer. Then they go indoors, change into different tops and bottoms, and continue their conversation. They talk about being a busty girl and how they like their toys. What a fun pair of stacked hotties with voluptuous bodies and massive tits. "Thanks to SCORE for the opportunity. For bringing us to this beautiful house. We are having a great time. They have treated us like queens. We lack nothing. Attention, understanding, everything is very good." "What do you want to say to your fans?" "Hi, guys, my name is Aly Guzman. I'll be waiting for you." "Hello, my name is Sofía Santana and I want to please you and for you to know more about me."