Red Hot Kitty

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Everything is red...Kitty McPherson's dress. Her lipstick. Her hair, of course. As we meet Kitty again, she's on the couch and talking to XLGirls about one of her favorite things to do: masturbate. Kitty says she masturbates several hours a day. That's quite a bit there, Kitty. Then again, girls have a seemingly limitless capacity for masturbating and cumming compared to guys. And after the chat, Kitty is ready to spank her hot kitty again. She's brought along HOB. That's "hand operated boyfriend." He's a big chap, fills Kitty up and lights up her life. Kitty really gives HOB a work-out plunging it into her pussy fast and hard while another hand tickles her clit or squeezes one of Kitty's big boobs. The cum-cream begins to leak out of Kitty's pussy as she approaches O-face time. Kitty sticks HOB in her mouth to suck and taste her own kitty juices.