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Victoria Lobov doesn't look like she's in her fit-and-fuckable forties. Her face and figure look a decade younger. "People think I'm 32," said Victoria. Victoria is married but her big-boob loving husband is okay with her fucking porn studs at SCORE and 40Something. Mrs. Lobov is a woman who loves big tits and wanted bigger tits. Victoria admires Danielle Derek and Amber Alena and supports women who have big tits or want bigger tits. "I was a B-cup. I started off with 350ccs. That was my first surgery back in Canada. Then my second surgery I went to silicone, and the most you can get is 800ccs. My third one is saline and they're 1400ccs. So I went from a B-cup to a C-cup to a D-cup. Now I'm a 34G-cup. I buy bras with extra support due to my large size and buy them off the rack at specialty stores. I always wear a bra. The only time I do not wear a bra is when I have sex." Victoria could be a bra model. The proof is in the pictures and video.