The Gift

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Kicking off the New Year, sexy and hot XLGirls newcomer Marilyn Mayson is back and ready for sexing in "The Gift." And what a gift. What is "The Gift?" Is it the lingerie that Marilyn has stashed in her handbag to surprise her bed buddy? In our opinion, "The Gift is Marilyn herself. She gets out of her clothes and changes into her new purple maid lingerie, leaving her eyeglasses on. (A nice touch. Marilyn makes eyeglasses look sexy.) Her bud goes bonkers when he sees her and doesn't give her much of a chance to parade around and tease him in her new finery. In a few seconds, he's buried between her legs, licking her pink pussy and clit, then fingering her. Marilyn reaches out to play with his horn, sucking it, stroking it, squeezing it. She lies back on the bed, head towards him so he can reverse titty-fuck her, his balls in her mouth as his cock locomotives between her marvelous mountains. Marilyn wants his dick inside her. Who could resist? And if a man could resist, Marilyn wouldn't be in the same bedroom with him. He eagerly mounts her and begins to pump her gorgeous body as the waves of pleasure begin. She will get everything he has to give and a big load of man-sauce for dessert!